February 4, 2016


Here’s what people are saying about Lifebites™


“Hands down the best snack I have had in years. I wish you guys lots of success with this tasty venture!”

–L. Todorovic

“The best treat I’ve EVER had.”

–J. Preddy

“…LOVE LOVE love them! I am officially an addict!”

–M. Delva

“So glad I stumbled across your stand at Granville Market last week. I brought a big of the coconut back to Montreal with me and am enjoying the heck out of these! Great stuff – keep it up!”

–D. Emery

“Lifebites are one of the most perfect snacks or desserts I’ve come across….”

–Julia Murray -Olympian -World Champion Medallist

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your coconut life bites. Picked some up from Granville Island last weekend – I love them and my 6 year old loves them more! Will likely do a review on my blog next time I pick up a batch!”

Within the Kitchen

“Bought these at Lonsdale Quay this weekend – outstanding! enjoying a few bites with my coffee… nice treat!”

–Chantale P.

“Love your product! Tried it at Ambleside Market last week, bought more this week. Sending to PEI and Alberta!! Thank YOU!”

–Trilby J

“Bought a big bag at the Fraser River Market my new favorite treat…LOVE IT”

–R. Anne

“Bought some at Veg Fest. They are so addictively wonderful. Yum!!”

–Tasia M.

“Yayyyy! LifeBites! My new favorite thing!!”

–Andrea M.

“I can’t believe Lifebites taste so good and yet are healthy! I’m addicted to the Coconut kind :)”

–Marcella O.

“We just wanted to say thank you for creating such an amazing snack that is healthy, delicious and NUT FREE! Having a child that has a very severe nut allergy and finding a low sugar, healthy treat for him is always a huge deal in our house. Everyone in our house loves the coconut variety and we just wanted you to know how much we appreciate the product you have created!”

–The Thorogood family