February 4, 2016


Lifebites™ was founded in 2011 after a group of health conscious individuals discovered a lack of healthy options in the snack food market.

2016_Lifebites_COCONUT_112gBag_FRONT 2016_Lifebites_HEMP_112gBag_FRONTMany of the snacks contained fillers and preservatives and several ingredients were unrecognizable or even unpronounceable.

This gap in the market gave us the opportunity to develop a snack with simple ingredients that we felt comfortable making and sharing with our friends and family.

After a few test batches, we decided to try our new snack at the local farmers markets to see what people thought. We were fortunate to discover that after sampling Lifebites™, people not only purchased a bag, they would buy multiple bags and some even requested caseloads. The demand made us realize that this was something special.

We decided to invest into equipment and the best organic ingredients to be able to make bigger batches of Lifebites™ because people were buying them faster than we could make them.

lifebitesteamAfter our time at farmers markets we were approached by store buyers, who suggested we make Lifebites™ available at retail locations.  Now Lifebite™ lovers can purchase their bags at grocery stores, or enjoy the convenience of ordering online to have them shipped right to the front door.

Each bag contains 112g (roughly 6-7 portions) making them the perfect addition for school lunches or even an after dinner treat. They also make a great gift for someone you care about!

We thank you for your support and hope that you enjoy eating Lifebites as much as we enjoy making them for you.

All the best,

The Lifebites Family