January 21, 2017

21 Reasons you need Lifebites


  1. Never run out of nutritious Lifebites again
  2. Always have a great gift idea ready for someone who loves treats
  3. Your family or team is worth it
  4. When you need that extra energy throughout the day
  5. When you’re going to host a dinner party
  6. When your taste buds crave something that is both delicious and nutritious  
  7. 100% Organic ingredients
  8. Vegan friendly – Dairy FREE
  9. Because it’s chocolate
  10. Made in a factory with no nuts
  11. 14 calories per bite
  12. 1g of sugar per bite
  13. 6 portions per bag
  14. Bite sized pieces (easier to regulate)
  15. Portable snack with re-sealable bags
  16. 6 month shelf life, perfect for emergency kits
  17. Hand made in small batch to ensure the highest quality
  18. FREE shipping with every case order
  19. 2 FREE gift bags with your first case order
  20. Save more money with bulk orders
  21. Perfect snack for work or school lunches